Products & Services

      GDF could offer full technical services from exploration evaluation, reservoir evaluation to development evaluation. It includes the following aspects:

1、High-accuracy sequential stratigraphic and reservoir prediction research

      Case: Middle-Upper Composition Sedimentary Facies Research and Lithologic Reservoir Prediction of  Heidimiao Area

2、Complex faulted-basin Resource Evaluation Research

      Case: Reservoir Forming Condition and Trap Evaluation Research of Bei Northeast Area of Hailaer Basin

3、Volcanic Faulted-basin Overall Evaluation Research

      Case: Deep Shall  Fine Structural Analysis and All-faulted Structural Mapping of Xujiaweizi  of  Daqing

4、Volcanic Gas Reservoir Description Research

      Case: Delicate Stratigraphic Division Experiment  of Volcanic Gas Reservoir of Anda Area of Xujiaweizi ,Daqing.

5、Lithologic Reservoir Description and Scrolling DevelopmentResearch

      Case:  Comprehensive Research on Scrolling Target in Mid-shallow Layer of Dagang Oilfield