Oilfield Geological Mapping

Integeration of innovative technologies, key process automation, production efficiency improvement

DFDraw is a digital geological drawing software. It’s one of he self-copyright software of Beijing GDF Oil&Gas Tech., INC. It has adopted the latest cutting edge technologies of image processing. and is tightly bound with the petroleum industry and, based on the professional knowledge ofgeophysics,, computer graphics.

Function improvement:more highly integrated

Add new module:higher Mapping efficiency

Process optimization:higher automation

I、Drawing standard

II、Map types

III、Mapping methods

1. Vector mapping

(1)Essential data preparation

(2) Data classification(Point, Line)

(3) Data acquisition and inputting(semi-automatic and automatic vectorization)

(4)Results publishing

2. Data mapping

(1)Calculation mapping

(2)Database query mapping

Drawing standard

GDF geological maps meet the standard of Oil and gas geological mapping specifications and patterns, satisfies the needs of production and scientific research on geological map-making, and plays a role on unifying the standard of geological map.

The software provides the management and application of several kinds of libraries, including symbolic library, embellishment library(graphic symbol library), class library. Users could on-demand select the library.

Map types

GDF Geological Mapping System is able to make large amount of geological maps in the work of oil exploration, well placement, trap evaluation, reservoir description, reserves submit, including structural map, sand shape map, well placement map, hydrocarbon-bearing evaluation map, isopach map, sedimentary environment map, comparison map, etc.

Vectorization Mapping

Entering written data into computer is called Vectorization  Mapping. The purpose of the process is to convert drawing information into practical data.


The purpose of mapping is to obtain coordinate data simultaneously when obtaining graph.  Meanwhile, data could generate map.

Result maps of Vectorization Mapping


Calculation mapping

According to coordinate data, Gdf Gridding Module is able to generating grid data(2D or 3D) and make contour map.


Result maps of Calculation Mapping


Database Query Mapping